We regularly organize events on various topics. These events will be live via Zoom and will last 3-4 hours. Since the EMS Business Academy is an internationally oriented company, there are events that are held in German and events that are held in English. Of course, participation is always possible. You can find an overview of our current dates on this page.

Event Calendar

Thema Datum
Level Up 30.01.2022 More Book
Game Changer 27.03.2022 More Book
Sales Bootcamp 29.05.2022 More Book
Leads 31.07.2022 More Book
Sales Toolbox 25.09.2022 More Book
CRM 27.11.2022 More Book

Level Up

An event for the whole team! Mindset, motivation, goal setting, strengths, weaknesses and mindset blocking patterns are just a few topics of this exciting event.

Game Changer

When it comes to selling, we need a big toolbox. Closing techniques are the name of the game in sales. You too can find the right closing technique for you.

Sales Bootcamp

Membership sales are of central importance for every club. A sales structure with a system is essential for success in the area of sales.


Everything here revolves around contacts. Where they come from, how we track them, and what a successful tracking system looks like. The lead card and the sales tracking system are central components.

Sales Toolbox

This event provides you with a comprehensive toolbox for your business. Whether sales, consulting, customer retention, or customer experience. Tools, tools, tools is the name of the game.


Everyone would like to have satisfied customers. But sometimes a complaint can't be avoided. Learn about one part of CRM in this event. Professional complaint management as well as the reactivation of customers.