The success of our customers, their members, and the entire industry is very important to us. It is our concern to look after each individual in such a manner that we can support them in the best possible way on their journey towards their goals. On this page, you will find some examples of successful customers. In addition to the monthly program, they all use individual coachings and in-house as well as online training for their success.

Sacha Collet - Owner EMS Lounge Gundelfingen Germany

"We use Dan's sales training through the EMS Business Academy every week as internal training for our employees. It is a fixed part of our weekly team meeting. As the owner, this gives me a lot of insight about my employees, so I can better identify strengths and weaknesses and coach them in a goal-oriented way. I also discover new and familiar aspects of sales so that I can continue to develop my own skills in this area. The weekly learning is perfect. This way the content can be applied directly to the customer and the whole team gets stronger week by week. Thank you Dan for this amazing tool!!!"

Joanna Hołysz - CEO Core Studio 20 Poland

"We had booked Dan Samek for an in-house sales training for our studios. All of our employees were enthusiastic about his way of teaching as well as the content he provided. He was able to take sales in our studios to another level. From the request to the briefing to the delivery, the content, and the outcome of the training, we are extremely satisfied. We will definitely continue to work with Dan Samek and EMS Business Academy."

Jens Vatter - International Master Trainer Gluckerkolleg

"The EMS Business Academy with Dan Samek doesn't just deliver results on paper - it offers absolute added value to every EMS trainer. From the numerous events and lectures at which I was able to accompany and experience Dan around the world, one thing, in particular, remains, in addition to the incredible commitment and enthusiasm to carry the trainers along: practical know-how that can actually be implemented! Dan Samek and his team: a clear recommendation and a must for anyone who wants to advance their EMS business!"

Luca Bargellini - miha bodytec Italy

“You can’t have a successful business if you don’t have a strong BUSINESS EDUCATION. That’s why we chose to partner up with the EMS BUSINESS ACADEMY. Dan has the experience, the tools and the ablility to inspire people. This is why the EMS Business Academy is the right choice to educate your team! 5stars 😊

Benedikt Waldner - CEO EMS-Lounge Germany

"The EMS Business Academy, especially Dan Samek, is a "must-have" for all EMS owners who want to achieve continuous improvement in their sales process. Especially the professional learning videos are a great benefit to stay up to speed 24/7."  

Kostas Vougioukas - Owner Fast Fitness Greece

"The EMS Business Academy seminar with Dan Samek was a great experience. Being in the EMS  business for a few years now, Dan inspired me to find new ideas and solutions to grow up  my business. I absolutely recommend it!"

Roland Stromenger - Owner 25 Minutes Cologne Germany

"Dan Samek has many years of industry expertise and helped me a lot after I purchased my studio. Especially helpful for my team and me was Dan's very practical and sales-oriented approach. We have already been able to successfully apply many of the directly usable tips in actual practice."

Jessica Sußner - Studio Manager Körperformen Feucht & Herpersdorf Germany

"For me, one of the best online training opportunities for EMS operators right now. Dan's years of experience, passion, and authenticity make this platform so special. Whether for beginners or experienced EMS operators and trainers, I'm sure everyone can get a lot out of this well-constructed training. For my part, I am very happy and looking forward to more training tools to continue to move our business forward in the best way possible."

Marcel Kentenich & Sammy Pesenti - CEOs Körperformen Germany

"As a licensor, we benefit from one thing above all: strong and successful license partners. The offers of the EMS Business Academy provide the perfect addition to our concept. With the EMS Business Academy, we have a professional partner that operates throughout Germany and provides entrepreneurs with valuable, practical tips. And it pays off! Many franchise partners have already been able to gain new impulses & further improve their business numbers."

Sebastian Authenrieth - International Master Trainer Gluckerkolleg

"Giving a good training is one thing. Convincing the customers of that is another! With his EMS Sales Professional concept of the EMS Business Academy, Dan has taken the way of "learning to sell'' to a new level. Absolutely recommended for anyone working professionally in the EMS field."

Michael Kiel - Owner Fitbox Berlin Germany

"Dan's expertise in customer acquisition and retention techniques is just gold for EMS studio owners. There's no need to reinvent the wheel because Dan's valuable little tips, whether it's giving customers the 'Magic Moments' in trial sessions, to casting and training promo teams, to online & offline marketing, to complete pre-sales, opening, and post-opening support, master all the different areas and present them in a way that's easy to understand and implement. Those who follow Dan's delivered knowledge simply need to implement consistently to see success as quickly as possible. The fact that the seminars of the EMS Academy are basically sold out speaks for their quality and the seminar offer is so extensive that the areas of marketing and sales are perfectly covered. Studio owners who want to have trainers in their studio who can sell in addition to 'giving excellent workouts' are in the right place with Dan."

Conny Schuh - Managing Director Munich Sports Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

"We partnered with the EMS Business Academy to hold an "Elevate your fitness business" webinar in January 2021 with great success. The number of registered participants exceeded our expectations by far. Dan prepared and delivered the seminar in an extremely professional manner. He knows exactly the needs of the EMS market. The attendees extremely benefited from his knowledge and years of experience in the EMS field and everyone would recommend the seminar to others. Dan is "smart", "switched on", very motivating, and responds to each participant with interest. He is always open to any questions and can offer concrete solutions through his in-depth insider knowledge. Working with Dan was a lot of fun, happy to do it again anytime!"

Carsten Pachnicke - CEO 25 Minutes Germany

"Besides the fact that Dan has obviously " absorbed the topic of sales and customer experience with his mother's milk," his many years of working for one of the largest EMS chains in Germany have given him exactly the EMS-specific expertise that makes his input so valuable to us."  

Stephan Türk - Owner of several EMS studios Germany

"I highly recommend Dan Samek's online training to any EMS business. I have been in the fitness industry for over 21 years, including nine years in EMS. I have never been offered continuing education in such a professional manner with such detailed knowledge. Two training videos per week and two quick tips that can be easily integrated into my daily work routine. All participants, and I have received feedback from seven companies, are enthusiastic about the content. We are all looking forward week after week to the release of the next learning unit. The training covers important topics such as: Recognizing your own strengths, why people buy, mindset, beliefs, goals, key performance indicators, company philosophy, promotion, telephone, sales pitch, the lead card, and its use, and much more. In addition, the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. Bottom line: a must-have for anyone who wants to stand out."    

Alexander Raum - Owner Fitraum Germany

"I was talking to Dan as part of the process of setting up our studio and got some valuable tips from him. Unlike many vendors, it wasn't a "sales pitch" but really expert advice from a sales professional. I highly recommend the Business Academy! Despite lockdown, we were able to implement the tips and generate valuable customers. I am incredibly grateful for that."

Luba Habermann - COO Bodyimpuls Germany

" There are so many good things that could be said about Dan and his work, but there is one situation that best describes why you should choose Dan and the EMS Academy! Some time ago, our team participated in an in-house training with Dan. After the first session, a colleague came up to me during a break and said, "I'm really looking forward to working on Monday!". Well what better could you expect!!! Dan doesn't just impress with technical know-how, the passion he carries with him just sweeps along everyone!"


Anna Relleke - Club Manager Körperformen Germany

"Without any hesitation, I decided to take the Sales training from Dan Samek's EMS Business Academy and it paid off. A very well structured concept with very helpful and above all authentic learning videos from Dan himself. In my eyes a true "must have" for all those who want to increase their sales rate."        

Iris Hauck - Owner Körperformen Ludwigsburg Germany

"After the first training with Dan Samek, my colleagues came back totally enthusiastic and super motivated. That's why we didn't hesitate for a second to book Dan for in-house training at KÖRPERFORMEN Ludwigsburg. Dan took up our two desired topics, recommendation management and cooperation/company fitness, and was very good at transmitting his concentrated know-how to the entire team in a focused, but always humorous way. You can tell that Dan is a practitioner and so we were able to implement a lot of things directly. We will definitely do the next training with Dan again and we are already looking forward to his video training. After that, we will invite him to our place every week. ;-)"

Matteo Monti - Impulse Fit Italy

“Since I have implemented the EMS BUSINESS ACADEMY method in my two EMS STUDIOs, I can manage my employees and many of the objections in the sales phase much better. It really accelerated my business.”