In our Tool Box, you will find downloads that we provide you for free. You can use these tools directly for your business. They support you and your team in consultations, sales, and customer care. Of course, these are only general examples that may need to be customized for your club. You can either use them as a guide or adopt them as they are directly into your business. Hopefully, we can support you with these tools.

Lead Card

The lead card is your tool to actively generate a lead at the highest level. With the help of the lead card, leads can be professionally pre-qualified and the closing rate can be increased by 20-30%. A pre-qualified lead is a very valuable lead. It helps us to gather knowledge about the prospect in order to use it effectively in the consultation and to create so-called magic moments. You can find both the front side of the lead card and the back side, where the sales tracking system is located.


The questionnaire is not only an important tool to find out about the health status of your customer and prospect, but it is also an essential tool in requirements analysis. If we use it correctly, it helps us ask the right questions during the requirements analysis. In addition to the prospect’s current health status, it also includes his training goals and any contraindications.

Customer Scan Card

The Scan Card is our most important service tool and plays a major role in customer service. It is a part of the club’s internal system and is used to collect information. Depending on the organization, the Customer Scan Card can be used within the Case System or the Master System. An example of a Customer Scan Card can be found here.